High quality criminal justice training programs.

Welcome to the Piedmont Regional
Criminal Justice Training Academy

The Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy is one of eleven regional academies in the State of Virginia serving law enforcement, jail, civil process, courtroom security and dispatchers since 1997.

The Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy has three staff members, and relies on a highly dedicated group of trainers from our member agencies committed to providing quality training. Instructors are certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services or other professionals, and teach the curriculums at the Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy.

The Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy received certification July 1, 1997 by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. We serve 13 criminal justice agencies, approximately 750 personnel, consisting of police, deputies and dispatchers, including Martinsville Police Department, Martinsville Sheriff's Office, Gretna Police Department, Chatham Police Department, Pittsylvania County Emergency Services, Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office, Danville Police Department, Danville Sheriff's Office, Henry County Sheriff's Office, Danville Emergency Communications, Patrick County Sheriff's Office and Martinsville Henry County 911 Center. Our Board of Directors is comprised of Chiefs, Sheriffs and Emergency Services Directors of the agencies we serve. The board meets once a month to discuss issues related to the academy. 

We are located at 1024 DuPont Road, Martinsville, Virginia, in a joint facility with Henry County Department of Public Safety.