The Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy has a pre-employment training program available for law enforcement, jailers, civil process/court security and dispatchers. Pre-employment training is designed to allow individuals who are not employed by a criminal justice agency to attend state mandated training. Upon successful completion of training, individuals may make application to criminal justice agencies for full time employment.

Individuals who are interested in making application to the Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy Pre-employment program are encouraged to discuss the matter with a Chief of Police, Sheriff, or 911 Director who is a member of this academy. Failure to obtain a recommendation of a Chief of Police, Sheriff or 911 Director will result in non-admission to the program. A recommendation is not an offer of employment, only a statement from an agency head that indicates you would be a good candidate for the academy.

Students are required to pay tuition fees, purchase certain equipment, and complete program medical requirements prior to matriculation. It is possible, depending on individual circumstances, that tuition assistance may be available through the Trade Act, Virginia Work Force or Veterans Administration. Questions regarding the program should be directed to the Piedmont Criminal Justice Training Academy. Basic tuition for law enforcement is $3000.00, basic tuition for jail/court security/civil process is $1500.00, basic tuition for dispatchers is $250.00. In addition, a background check fee of $150.00 is required. Individuals must complete a Criminal History Record check through the State Police, that fee is $25.00. Again, contact the academy for questions and clarifications.


Pre-Employment Training Program Application

Please fill in these forms in order to apply for the Training Program