• How do I become a certified law enforcement/jailor/court security/civil process/dispatch?
    You must attend a certified academy to obtain any of the above certifications. Law Enforcement is approximately 21 weeks, jail/court security/civil process approximately 12 weeks and dispatcher approximately 1 week only.
    There are two ways to attend the academy, you must be employed by a criminal justice agency and they will send you to the academy, or you can attend the academy through our pre-employment program (see tab for pre-employment). You must complete a state certification exam if you are in the law enforcement program. You must also complete field training for any of the functions while employed at a criminal justice agency.
  • Does your pre-employment program certify me for any agency in the state of Virginia?

    Most agencies will accept any pre-employment program, however there are some local agencies in the state of Virginia that will require you to attend their full academy, regardless of the training you have elsewhere. Several of these include Virginia State Police, Henrico County and others.

  • How much time do I have to find a job after attending a pre-employment program?

    1 year to be trained and FTO completed.

  • How do I maintain my certifications?
    All general functions, except for dispatch, require re-certification every two years. Teaching/Specialized certifications every three years. You can do on- line training, come to classes at the academy, or attend classes at another location. If you attend classes at another location, make sure you take a Partial In-Service Credit form with you, or they give you one on site (forms are on the DCJS web site). Any classes not pre-approved by DCJS at an off-site location will require a PIC form, signed by the course director, along with an hour by hour break down of the classes.

  • How do I receive a copy of my training record?
    You can contact the academy at any time to get a copy of your training record; it can be e-mailed, sent through regular mail, or they will supply you a link to Tracer. We will not send copies of your training record to any outside agencies; unless approved by the trainee.
  • How do I register for classes?

    Registrations from our affiliated agencies must go through your department training coordinator, who will contact the academy to do your registration. Registrations from a non-affiliated agency must be done on letterhead to the academy, signed by a Chief/sheriff/911 Director. Outside registrations will be taken if classes are not full, and charges may apply.

  • If I leave employment, how do I maintain certification?

    Once you leave employment at a criminal justice agency, your certification expires unless you are an auxiliary with another law enforcement agency. You do have a limited amount of time to become employed at another criminal justice agency, and that time varies. Depending on how long you are out of service, determines what you can do to become re-certified. You may only have to do in-service classes, or if you have been out for a longer period of time, would have to attend an entire academy. You can contact the academy for further clarification. You cannot maintain your certifications without being employed in criminal justice.

  • Can I get college credits for attending the academy?

    You can possibly get college credits for attending the academy. You will need a training curriculum from your basic class, and will need to submit that to your college. The academy has no control over what credits you may receive.

  • Can I get in-service credits for attending college?
    Yes, please visit the DCJS web site for the forms.
  • Can I receive Veterans Benefits for attending the academy?

    If you are a veteran with an honorable discharge within the last 10 years, and paid into the appropriate military fund, you can receive benefits. Once you start the academy, you can apply to receive those benefits. The academy will electronically make the application for you to the VA, and they will contact you to process those benefits. Be aware there is a lag time with the VA of approximately 8 to 10 weeks before you start receiving benefits. The benefits will come directly to you.

  • How do I become a general instructor/firearms instructor/driving instructor/defensive tactics instructor/radar instructor?

    You must attend a basic general instructor course, and if you want the additional certifications, attend a basic appropriate skills instructor class. You must do an apprenticeship for all instructor courses, and you must teach at the academy to maintain those certifications. You should contact your department training coordinator about attending any instructor courses.